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Tire Repair

All tire repairs are not created equal! We recommend following strict RMA safety guidelines so you can drive away with confidence.

Wheel Alignment

Keeping your vehicle aligned helps ensure even tire wear, proper handling and improved fuel economy. / Includes a visual inspection of steering and suspension components, adjusting tire air pressure when necessary and where applicable, adjusting the alignment angles to factory specifications.

Tire Pressure Check

Maintaining proper air pressure in your tires helps ensure proper tire wear, fuel ecomony and vehicle safety. / The proper tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in the vehicle owners manual, door jamb, or glove box, but not on the tire itself. 

Tire Rotation

Regularly changing the positions of the tires on your vehicle will help ensure even tire wear -- that means longer tire life and better performance. Tire rotation is especially important for front wheel drive vehicles. / Includes an evaluation of the appropriate rotation scheme for your vehicle, and the removal and re-installation of tires

Wheel Balancing

When wheels are well-balanced, they'll give you a smoother ride and minimize the stress on your vehicle's tires and suspension system. / Includes evaluation of the tire and wheel assembly along with appropriate rebalancing.

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